Many people want to know what the best questions are for asking the Communion of Light. Some feel as though mundane questions are too trivial for such a conversation. While others want to make sure they ask the very best question.

In my experience with the Communion, they will answer any question put to them. But don't take my word for it. I asked them to offer some words on this subject. They covered the whole gamut pretty well.

Often we are asked whether a question is appropriate or not. And we would remind you that if you have an experience that causes a question, then it is always appropriate.

If you were to ask us for guidance on what type of questions to bring to a communion with us, we would suggest the following:

  • Write your questions down before you arrive into the communion. You may enter a vibrational state of allowing and receiving answers that does not match vibration of the questions you had before you arrived. We think this is wonderful. And still, having your questions on paper will make it easier for you to remember them when you want to ask them.
  • Your questions are perfect regardless of what you ask. Be aware that we may walk with you down a road that leads away from your question because we may be aware of an unspoken question in your vibration that we can also answer and that is connected to the one that you brought forward in your speaking. Simply put, you may be surprised (for a moment) at the answer we offer.
  • We love the nitty-gritty. You do not live your lives in a philosophy book. You live your lives walking around in your physical shoes. And so those questions you think are mundane can be quite illuminating. Your best life may be around a kitchen table or doing your daily routine or at your workplace. You just may not see it that way. We see everything you are doing as a magnificent manifestation of a magnificent being. And we love to remind you of this as often as you give us the chance to do so.

If you are reading these words, please know that we are so looking forward to our time with you. It is always pleasing to us and an honor to commune with you in all of the ways that you allow us to do so.

Until the time that we do so, please continue to remember the truth and beauty of who you are and who you are becoming.

You are magnificent.

~ Paul & the Communion of Light