I've had the honor of working with thousands of clients over the past 34 years.

Some of those folks have kindly shared their insights about and experiences of talking with Paul and The Communion of Light:

Each day I experience intense appreciation
When Paul and the COL came into my life, I received support, reassurance and guidance which gave me the confidence to make a life change.

It's now been years enjoying the benefits from going in a new direction.

I love the life I'm living and on a daily basis recall principles from my sessions with Paul and the COL.

Each day I experience intense appreciation for the beauty, abundance and peaceful companionship that I have.

~ Fawn Christiansen

It's been immeasurably helpful
I cannot express how much Paul and the Communion of Light has done for me in words.

Certainly I've had many manifestations and amazing insights in listening and interacting over the years which have been delicious, but the most profound and, so far, lasting change has been the awareness that what I've already created is actually what I want.

Yes, I want more and different of some things, but for the most part I have created a life that accurately reflects my values, preferences and desires.

Nearly all of the pain I've experienced in my life has been the result of giving weight to opinions- mine and people I know and the culture I live in - that aren't even about me, that don't help me and that aren't necessary to focus on.

It's been a process in some ways, simply because the paradigm I was operating from when I first encountered CoL was very entrenched in those opinions and their importance and it took me awhile to shift my perspective and make new decisions about that, but life takes time anyway.

It's been immeasurably helpful to have CoL as a touch stone to regain my sense of alignment, that I'm heading in the right direction and relief. To have a resource where I could keep bringing my issues to, so I could learn to feel unpleasant feelings and that I am fine even when I feel upset, so I could get practiced at changing where I put my focus when I've been harassing myself unnecessarily has been life changing for me.

The deliberate creation and manifestation aspect is fun and delicious, but the real value I've gleaned is the confidence I have in myself. I trust my intuition, so I'll know what to do when the time is to do it. I don't need the circumstances of my life or the world or anyone I know to be or do any particular thing in order for me to find peace and well being.

I carry that with me.

This was always true but I didn't see it before Paul. The value of this knowing is beyond measure, in my opinion. It changes every aspect life for the better.

~ Erin M.

They are completely and unequivocally tuned into my energy
What do you like about having a private session with Paul and the Communion of Light?

I always get good input and help sorting things out. I get completely unexpected and helpful persecutives on things I'm stuck with.

Is there anything specific or general that has improved as a result of having a private session?

Oh goodness, lots. Improvement in specific family relationships is probably the biggest result.

How is a private session with Paul and the Communion of Light different from similar channeling/healing/coaching offerings?

They are completely and unequivocally tuned into my energy. I can feel things shift energetically as they talk. A session with COL doesn't compare to anything else I've done. Not to say other things aren't helpful. It's just an intense and unique experience.

The feeling is sort of like this:

Imagine going to an upscale mall that's temporarily closed to everyone else so you can go in by yourself, seeing an interesting looking store that's got your name over the front door, going inside, closing the doors, pulling the blinds, turning around, and on the shelves beautifully displayed you see exactly what you wanted except you didn't know that's what you were looking for. That's what a session with COL feels like.

In your opinion, who benefits from having a private session with Paul and the Communion of Light?

Intuitives. Smart. Curious. Open-minded. Expansion oriented. Freedom loving.

~ Deb D.

They cut to what's really going on
The Communion of Light has really helped me to let go.

I enjoy our metaphysical discussions because to me it feels like interesting play.

I love how they cut to what's really going on in my vibration and always help me shift my vibration to one that feels like relief.

~ Karen H.

Beyond outstanding
Frank and the Communion of Light are beyond outstanding.

I have been a client for about 12 years. The offererings are not to be missed.

The individual sessions are special gifts l regularly give to myself.

I would recommend them to all without any hesitation!

~ Joan G.

Authentic and hugely insightful
I can't say enough positive things about Paul and the Communion of Light.

My life has changed in ways I never imagined.

I always end a session with the feeling of clarity.

They bring to surface things that I know, but things I can forget while in the muck of if all.

Also, they seem to tap into a place that just brings everything together.

They bring things up from so deep inside me that I know it's authentic and always hugely insightful.

I highly recommend the experience!

~ Jenn Brown

I walked away from my victim story
My perspective on a previous foreclosure was transformed pretty quickly after my private session with Paul. I walked away from my victim story.

For over a decade, I saw myself as being at the effect versus being at cause. I now know (really know) how events (though very much unwanted) unfolded "for me" in perfect order based upon my decisions just prior to that time about what my experiences meant, how things "worked" and who I was.

~ CW

I get a whole new perspective
I have been returning to Paul and the Communion of Light for insight into questions about my life for many years, for one reason: because I know that whatever the answer, I am going to have a better, broader, deeper appreciation for the truth about myself and my life.

I don't just get an answer to my question. I get a whole new perspective on the question, and why I am asking it, and where all of it fits into a picture of life that is much bigger--and much more true--than the one I had going in.

Many times I have felt like I've been taken on a tour of a perspective I could not have imagined, from which unexpected answers to my questions suddenly seem obvious.

I come away feeling expanded, relieved, more hopeful, and as though I have better options than I thought.

In short, I feel better. Better than I thought I could.

~ David B.