What To Expect

When you enter into a Communion of Light with us, several things happen.

The first, and the most important from our perspective, is that we meet you in a non-physical way. We like to say that everything everywhere is vibration that has taken form in one way or another. And when we meet in a session, we primarily meet with you on a vibrational level.

We also like to say that we are not teachers, nor are we healers. But we can say that much can be learned in a session with us and much pain and old ways of thinking can be healed by being in our presence. We do not say this because somehow we are better off than you. We are indeed your sisters and your brothers. We say this because our focus is clear: we remember who we are at all times and, more importantly, we remember who you are.

In so doing, we remind you of the truth of who you are. This is more valuable, from our perspective, than anything else we could do in your presence. When we do this, it is akin to handing you a fishing pole rather than a fish.

This does not mean that we do not answer your questions, for we welcome any question you wish to bring us. It does mean that we are truly focused upon the very center of your being, which is your power, which emanates from your connection to Source Energy.

We are Source Energy, in the same way that you are Source Energy. We are all connected because of this profound truth. And, at the same time, Source Energy, always seeking to expand and evolve Itself, has extended Itself through you: an idea that believes in separation from Source.

Now, this is not a bad idea. It is, however, an idea that requires that you have physical blinders on and that you temporarily forget the truth of who you are.

Many of you wish to remember this truth and we are answering your call.