Congratulations! You have found that leading-edge place where the application of the magnificent idea that you are directing your reality powerfully is made simple, direct, and obvious.

The basis of all the material presented on this website and in the material available here is quite basic:

You are a vibrational being of light,
having an amazing physical experience
of your own creation,
that is underwritten by unconditional love,
sourced by Infinite Supply,
arranged by Infinite Intelligence,
and uniquely yours.

NEW! Early Morning Light
Volume 1

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Inspirational and delicious quotes from Paul & The Communion of Light spanning five wonderful years.

Hold this book.

Focus within.

Open to a random page.

Let the words illuminate.

Spinning Straw Into Gold
The Art of Creating Money

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We invite you to think about how your life can be rich, how your life can be luscious, how your life can be delicious, how your life can be joyful, how your life can be filled with happy experiences and delightful synchronicities.

In the arena of making money, so often what happens is you get on a track and you decide: "This is what I will do, and I will do it come hell or high water."

And so here comes the hell, and here comes the high water.

But there is a much easier way, which is to just flow with what you are wanting, and allow it to reveal to you the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing.

If you are in the habit of taking action and then expecting money in return for the action, then you've got things defined in a way that for some might feel very secure and might feel very clear; but for others might, after a while, begin to feel very limiting.

And it is to those that we want to speak about the difference between making money and creating money.