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New Book! Your Directive for Wealth

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Here's how this short, powerful book begins:

So to begin at the beginning of this delicious conversation that is all about your directive for wealth, we want to invite you to give your directive for wealth today, right now, right here.

So let's look at the words that we are using here just for a moment before we begin. First of all, it is your directive, meaning that it is a decision that you are making, and you are directing your reality to operate in this way.

Wealth can really mean anything. What it means is an abundance of what is wanted:

  • an abundance of cash;
  • an abundance of delicious, amazing, powerful, delightful relationships;
  • an abundance of vibrant and vital health;
  • an abundance of wonderful work, self-expression in whatever way that is abundantly right for you;
  • an abundance of wisdom;
  • an abundance of joy;
  • an abundance of just about anything, anything it is that you desire.

Here is your immediate recipe for creating with intention:

  1. Decide what you want to create.
  2. Imagine what it looks like to have it. Add qualities and characteristics to the imagining that make it real for you.
  3. Find the feeling of having it and feel that, right now, until the feeling has peaked.
  4. Now, give it up and let the Universe of your thoughts sort out the details.

This might help as well:

  • You may have some conflicting ideas about whether you can have what you want. Let them arise and either consciously turn away from them or ask yourself whether they are indeed true.
  • Take any inspired action as it arises, knowing that this inspiration will be easy to identify since it will simply feel better.
  • Turn your attention away from what needs to be done and know that it is done, on your behalf, right now.
  • Enjoy the having of your intentionally-manifested creation!

Some ideas about who you are and why you are here

You are a vibrational being of light.

  • You are having an amazing physical experience of your own creation.
  • This amazing experience is underwritten by Unconditional Love.
  • It is sourced by Infinite Supply.
  • It is arranged by Infinite Intelligence.
  • And, this amazing experience is uniquely yours.

You are having an amazing physical experience of your own creation.

  • You use the contrast of your experience, which is the difference between what you have and what you want, as the basis of your endless creating.
  • You give birth to new experiences through your imagination.
  • You bring this into focus through the vibration, the feeling, of your intention.
  • You give it life through the grace of your allowing.

You can actually have what you actually want.

  • You can have as much abundance, as much joy, as much love, as much delight, as much freedom, as much of anything that you want.
  • You probably don't want just anything, rather you probably want certain specific experiences in the way that you want them.
  • You actually already have what you want and you want everything you have.
  • And, you can have the experience of what you are wanting right now by being willing to not ever have it.

Freedom is the basis of all your creation.

  • No person, situation, condition, or circumstance can affect the constant state of your freedom.
  • You are responsible for all that you experience but you are never to blame for anything.
  • This freedom is true of everyone and everything.

Everyone, and everything, in every way, is helping you right now.

  • This is always true of everyone, and everything, in every way.
  • It may take a bit of creativity on your part to perceive this in your own unfolding story and harness the underlying power at work here.
  • All of the Universe of your thoughts is conspiring right now to be maximally helpful to you.
  • Things that you like are giving you the opportunity to amplify their presence in your life simply through your noticing.
  • Things that you don't like are giving you the opportunity to change your mind about what they mean or to simply turn your attention away from them.
  • There is no bitter pill that will make you feel better later that you ever have to swallow for any reason, other than you simply want to.
  • Everyone, including you, does everything they do because they believe it will feel better.
  • When you do what feels better now, in the doing of it, you are following your powerful intuition which is always leading you into the full magnificent manifestation of your powerful desires.

We never ask you to believe us.

  • We never direct or guide, only remind and recommend.
  • You know what you are doing and always have.
  • You are always connected to Infinite Intelligence and are quite brilliant.

When you follow what feels better right now, you are benefiting everyone and everything, including yourself.

  • We invite you to do what feels better to do as you do it.
  • We invite you to say what feels better to say as you say it.
  • We invite you to think what feels better to think as you think it.
  • What feels better will probably be easier, more obvious, or simply the path of least resistance, or it may be something different, but it will feel better than where you are, although it may not feel good.

You've heard and read all of these things in many different ways

  • We are not purporting to be tellers of a great truth, we are simply reminding you of what you already know.
  • We are here in response to your call.
  • If our words do not feel better or are confusing, it is more important that you stay in alignment with yourself and follow your own internal guidance, instead of trying to figure out what is happening here. Nothing is more important than this.

Early Morning Light
Volume 1

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Inspirational and delicious quotes from Paul & The Communion of Light spanning five wonderful years.

Hold this book.

Focus within.

Open to a random page.

Let the words illuminate.

Spinning Straw Into Gold
The Art of Creating Money

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We invite you to think about how your life can be rich, how your life can be luscious, how your life can be delicious, how your life can be joyful, how your life can be filled with happy experiences and delightful synchronicities.

In the arena of making money, so often what happens is you get on a track and you decide: "This is what I will do, and I will do it come hell or high water."

And so here comes the hell, and here comes the high water.

But there is a much easier way, which is to just flow with what you are wanting, and allow it to reveal to you the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing.

If you are in the habit of taking action and then expecting money in return for the action, then you've got things defined in a way that for some might feel very secure and might feel very clear; but for others might, after a while, begin to feel very limiting.

And it is to those that we want to speak about the difference between making money and creating money.