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Here's what's happened so far

Saturday: April 10, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #1: Manifesting cash now. 13:02
Question #1: Amplifying what I have and seeing things in a different light. 15:58

Sunday: April 11, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #2: Manifesting starts here. 14:16
Question #2: I don't want to move but I might have to. 9:46

Monday: April 12, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #3: The discrete steps of manifesting. 25:51
Question #3: I want those million-dollar listings. 13:31
Question #4: I'm angry because I did this process already. 5:48
Question #5: I'm not proving anything. 2:47

What's this about?

Manifesting cash now is not about magic.

It's about using the power of your imagining and the power of your intending to move yourself into the vibrational place of having what you want.

This is something you are already doing continuously but may not be aware of that fact.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we will be walking you through the way in which manifesting anything, including cash, actually works.

We will also be inviting you to let manifesting work for you.

As we so often say, you are already a powerful master manifestor.

You wouldn't be here if that were not the case.

Through this series, we invite you to use your power to your benefit and to see how very easy and very simple that happens to be.

April 10, 2021: Manifesting cash now.

How does each call work?

Listen to Paul talk about what happens during a daily series call:

There's no written description for this series. A recording of the first day's conversation will be posted as soon as it's available.

This Communion of Light event starts at the same time each morning.

Each call is direct and all about helping you tune in to what you are creating.

In this series, and after each daily conversation, you will be able to ask a question or have some specific coaching on any topic.

This will be available each morning for up to 4 participants.

If you can't be on the call live, you can send an email note with a question.

And you don't have to be present to win. Each call recording is generally available within the hour.

However you participate is exactly right!

When is it?

Date Start Time End Time
Manifesting Cash Now #1
April 10, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Manifesting Cash Now #2
April 11, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Manifesting Cash Now #3
April 12, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Manifesting Cash Now #4
April 13, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Manifesting Cash Now #5
April 14, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Manifesting Cash Now #6
April 15, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Manifesting Cash Now #7
April 16, 2021
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT

What's included?

  • Your participation in this delicious leading-edge event
  • 7 delicious daily interactions
  • Add up to 3 private sessions with Paul (optional)
  • Every one of these events is recorded and those recordings are included as well — Enjoy!

What's the price?

$49.00 USD
Optional Add-ons
Private sessions
 Up to 3 for $35 USD
for 30 minutes
Also available
 Pay What Delights You (5+)

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