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Saturday: September 24, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #1: Living with your beloved. 17:02
Question #1: I've resisted giving him a name and getting too specific. 4:44
Question #2: I'm feeling deliciously married today. 9:28
Question #3: I've been playing with this idea for a while. 16:33
Question #4: I want to live in my house in the way I like. 11:49

Sunday: September 25, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #2: Sleeping double in a double bed. 15:00
Question #5: I'm actually in my bed as I'm talking with you? 6:46
Question #6: I liked it when the couples were in a good space. 9:30
Question #7: My to-do list got shorter. 3:07
Question #8: I saw lots of couples yesterday. 4:29

Monday: September 26, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #3: The delight of living with your beloved. 16:25
Question #9: How do I bring a job into my reality? 12:13
Question #10: I saw my beloved. 5:00
Question #11: He's standing here with me on this terrace. 16:52

What's this about?

To begin, let us say that this series of conversations is for anyone in a relationship with their beloved, whether that person is known to you or not.

You are indeed in an ongoing relationship with your beloved and, whether you are physically aware of them or not, you are indeed living with them.

You may know this person.

This person may be across the table from you right now.

It could be that you might not know this person.

Of that you believe you do not.

In either case, it still remains true that you are living with your beloved.

Given this is what is happening right now, we invite you to intentionally engage in living with your beloved.

Through this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to declare what is so about this most delicious relationship and, regardless of how facts may appear to you at this moment, allow yourself to live with your beloved in ways that are delightful, wonderful, magical, and amazing.

We look forward to connecting with you in whatever way that may be for we do indeed know that you are most definitely living with your beloved and know that, as wonderful as this is, it will only be getting better and better from here.

September 24, 2022: Living with your beloved.

How does each call work?

Listen to Paul talk about what happens during a daily series call:

There's no written description for this series. A recording of the first day's conversation will be posted as soon as it's available.

This Communion of Light event starts at the same time each morning.

Each call is direct and all about helping you tune in to what you are creating.

In this series, and after each daily conversation, you will be able to ask a question or have some specific coaching on any topic.

This will be available each morning for up to 4 participants.

If you can't be on the call live, you can send an email note with a question.

And you don't have to be present to win. Each call recording is generally available within the hour.

However you participate is exactly right!

When is it?

Date Start Time End Time
Living With Your Beloved #1
September 24, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Living With Your Beloved #2
September 25, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Living With Your Beloved #3
September 26, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Living With Your Beloved #4
September 27, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Living With Your Beloved #5
September 28, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Living With Your Beloved #6
September 29, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT
Living With Your Beloved #7
September 30, 2022
8:05 am EDT 9:00 am EDT

What's included?

  • Your participation in this delicious leading-edge event
  • 7 delicious daily interactions
  • Add up to 3 private sessions with Paul (optional)
  • Every one of these events is recorded and those recordings are included as well — Enjoy!

What's the price?

$49.00 USD
Optional Add-ons
Private sessions
 Up to 3 for $75 USD
for 30 minutes
Also available
 Pay What Delights You (5+)

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