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Cultivating A Manifesting Perspective

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What's this about?

Now, to be clear, you are manifesting everything all the time.

This includes, of course, your body and the world that surrounds your body at any given moment.

It also includes your personality and sense of individuated self.

Your perspective, of course, has to do with how you see yourself in the midst of all you are manifesting.

You can see yourself as you have taught yourself to do: a lone person cast into a chaotic universe with random events happening to you, doing the best you can to stay upright and afloat.


You can see yourself as you truly are: a being of light manifesting into form and, through that form, inhabiting an intentional universe where everyone and everything is rising up to meet you and help you.

In this series of 7 daily calls and processes, we invite you to cultivate a manifesting perspective and see yourself rightly, as you truly are, and to more easily enjoy the delights of this intentional universe you are inhabiting.


March 30, 2024: Cultivating a manifesting perspective.

March 30, 2024: Looking at your reality through a manifesting perspective.

Special note for this event

Summer Time in the UK, Ireland, and Europe begins on Sunday, March 31. If you're in that part of the world, the Saturday call will be an hour earlier than usual with the Sunday call starting at the regular time.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: March 30, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #1: Cultivating a manifesting perspective. 26:44
Process #1: Looking at your reality through a manifesting perspective. 10:05
Question #1: What do you mean by perspective? 6:35
Question #2: I want to shift my attention to what I really want. 9:25
Question #3: I really loved the process. 5:03
Question #4: I have an ongoing pain in my neck. 5:02
Question #5: I don't know if I feel a connection with his ghost version. 18:07
Question #6: I had something wonderful happen yesterday. 8:45

Sunday: March 31, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #2: Your reality is not here to guide you. 16:33
Process #2: Blessing your manifesting reality. 9:16
Question #7: I hurt my legs a few days ago. 10:18
Question #8: I feel like you've been talking to me directly for these last few minutes. 6:27
Question #9: I've been having wonderful experiences of delight. 14:28

Monday: April 1, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #3: The importance of daydreaming. 24:07
Process #3: Daydreaming with intention. 7:25
Question #10: What about manifesting in sleep? 8:30
Question #11: I can't remember night-time dreams. 2:42
Question #12: I had fun hiding things in golden eggs. 8:26

Tuesday: April 2, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #4: More about this perspective. 25:53
Process #4: Noticing you are in the right place and right time. 9:25
Question #13: The solid nature of things. 8:55
Question #14: More about perspective and objects. 3:15
Question #15: I want to see clearly. 17:25

Wednesday: April 3, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #5: Taking stock and other problems. 21:36
Process #5: Merging past, present, and future. 10:23
Question #16: Could you speak more of backing off from excitement and moving into normality? 12:48
Question #17: Can you talk more about how things are for me and benefitting me? 10:08
Question #18: My extra weight has been bothering me. 18:05
Question #19: What is metaphysics and how is manifesting part of that? 11:41
Question #20: My friends went on a vacation and I'm feeling jealous. 23:29

Thursday: April 4, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #6: When you are paying attention to what is really going on. 26:18
Process #6: The perfection is amplifying. 16:02
Question #21: This unraveling of old ideas and beliefs. 2:38
Question #22: Sometimes handling money is enjoyable and sometimes it isn't. 9:48

Friday: April 5, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #7: You are always manifesting. 34:25
Process #7: Doors of manifesting. 11:16
Question #23: My appreciation. 1:07
Question #24: I don't like where I'm living. 10:23
Question #25: Once I make a home beautiful, it's time to move. 5:54
Question #26: I feel better and then get kicked out and have to keep reminding myself. 17:21

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Cultivating A Manifesting Perspective

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