Right Here, Right Now #381

We often recommend you give up early and often.

Culturally, giving up is seen as throwing one's hands in the air and declaring that it's all over and there's nothing to be done.

This, of course, is not what we suggest, ever.

First, we don't see your life as a series of projects to be completed.

Your life is perfect as it is, right now.

Second, we don't see your life as a series of competitions to win.

You already won. Waking up this morning brought you another blue ribbon.

That you're here is where the magic is. Not down the road, when the project is completed or the competition is over.

So, today, right here and right now, we invite you to give up.

We invite you to walk away from the plan on how you will complete the project or win the race.

We invite you to see yourself where you are, right here and right now: perfect and, as good as this is, getting better and better from here.

Date posted: March 12, 2019

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