Right Here, Right Now #380

Helpers are helping you.

This is a present-moment state, whether you recognize it or not.

Helpers, primarily, are helping you in the formation of physical reality.

They do not construct it for you.

Rather, they assist you in the focus for its continuous manifestation.

Which they do rather ably.

As do you.

But, as we have said many times, your helpers can help you with more than what you likely consider background activity.

They can help you feel better.

Right here and right now.


Simply ask them.

Or, better yet, tell them.

"Helpers, help me feel better, right now."

"Helpers, amplify my feel-better thoughts about who I am and where I am, right now."

"Helpers, show me things that please me and amplify my feel-better thoughts, right now."

These are not instructions we offer.

Rather, these are examples that we recommend you try on and find out what works, specifically, for you.

You need not wait.

Your helpers, after all, are helping you.

And they are doing so, right now.

Date posted: March 6, 2019

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