Right Here, Right Now #377

Some of you have told us of the importance of pushing past your limits.

And we understand why this is considered to be the height of self-growth.

And we have two thoughts on the matter. Feel free, as always, to completely ingnore our opinions.

First, you have no limits. By definition you are an unlimited being of light. That is who you are. You may choose to see otherwise, but you are quite unlimited right now and right here.

Second, there is no need for self-growth, self-improvement, or anything similar. You are already existing in a state of perfection that is in constant evolution.

It is quite possible that, with hindsight, you might have compared where you were on Monday with where you were on Wednesday, and concluded that self-improvement occurred because you felt better and that, therefore, further self-improvement (including pushing through your limits) would be helpful and so, then, you set yourself on that path.

You can certainly hold these thoughts in your mind as being necessary and you will be proven right. That is what thoughts do, after all.

But it might be easier to bring your attention to the perfection of this moment, right here and right now, and find out how true that is.

Whatever you may do, and whatever thoughts you may have and hold, you're always doing it right.

Our only suggestion is that you allow it to be easy and simple, whatever it is.

Date posted: February 17, 2019

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