Right Here, Right Now #373

As the day begins, we invite you to think of the night and the day before with whatever fondness, adoration, and appreciation you may have for them.

This is not a stretching exercise.

This is an opportunity to recognize what is already present within your own consciousness.

You walk through your days and nights with tremendous fondness, adoration, and appreciation for so many, many things even though you may have trained yourself to believe otherwise.

And this is not something you need wait for another sunrise to explore...

You can do so at any moment.

There is always something delicious to be found when you invite in the thoughts that have the vibrations of fondness, adoration, and appreciation.

And, as with all thoughts, the more you put your attention there, the more you will be drawn to put your attention there.

Good morning!

Date posted: January 27, 2019

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