Right Here, Right Now #370

Whenever you are intentionally manifesting any idea, it is this fluid, dynamic, vibrant and alive certainty that is ever so powerful.

This is what you will have, what you are imaginging.

And you will have the best possible version of it that will be better than what you imagined.

This statement, this idea, within the context of a dynamic, flowing certainty, makes a lot of sense.

However, in a fossilized certainty where...

this is just the way that it is


that is the way that it always has been


it always will be like this

Such a thing makes no sense at all, however commonly accepted it may be.

To say that you'll have the best version of whatever it is that you intend because you are a vibrational, dynamic being, and your ideas are vibrational and dynamic, and they evolve along with you... this fossilized certainty can't withstand that.

It can't understand it. It is not matched.

But there is--and we know that you have felt it--a very dynamic, vibrant, malleable certainty that transcends facts on the ground while, at the same time, causing them to occur, that feels utterly delicious to connect with, as you are doing right now.

It literally, quite literally, makes possible the manifestation of really anything and everything, but, more importantly, specifically and actually what it is that you want.

Date posted: January 21, 2019

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