Right Here, Right Now #366

One thing we would recommend would be to ask whether what you assume is true about you is, indeed, true.

If the idea is one of expansion...

That feels better...

That celebrates something you like or adore...

That is filled with appreciation for what is or what is becoming...

Then you know you have found a truth about you.

It is not set in stone, since all ideas evolve, but it is in alignment with who you are in the moment of the thinking, or saying, or doing.

You can tell because you like how the thought feels as you think it, say it, or do it.

However, whenever the thought, whether it seems to come through you or through someone else, feels worse, then it isn't true.

You can tell based on how it feels.

We know that you have trained yourself to believe that you have to take your lumps...

That you have to equitably treat all thoughts as if they were the same...

But not all thoughts are the same.

Thoughts that feel worse are not true.

Thoughts that feel better are true.

And, so, we invite you to pay attention to how thoughts feel and what it feels like to remind yourself that you are not bound by a thought that feels worse.

You can decide that what you want is to feel better and then let yourself do just that.

Date posted: December 13, 2018

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