Right Here, Right Now #352

Note: This is an excerpt from a longer PDF available here: https://communionoflight.com/recordings/?key=ab439e4507f2d07d1b2fde10e5c9bb33.

So when you are starting something, it is always helpful to begin at the beginning and that is precisely what we intend to do here.

So we begin by saying that your helpers are here to help you.

That may seem like a very odd statement, because it is obvious.

By the name helpers, of course, they are here to help you.

But the reason why we say this is because again and again and again, what we understand from our physical friends is that you tend to believe, or have believed in the past, that your helpers are here to fix you.

They are not here to fix you.

You don't need that sort of help because you are not broken.

They are also not here to guide you, because you're not lost.

That is why we use the word helper and not guide.

Because your guide would imply that they know where you are going.

And they don't.

You are on the leading edge of your physical experience.

And they are sitting with you.

From a nonphysical perspective, they probably know more about your physical experience than anyone else other than you.

But what they know, compared to what you know, is a pittance.

But what they do know is the truth of who you are, which you have temporarily and intentionally forgotten, so that you could have this glorious, magnificent physical experience.

Date posted: March 11, 2018

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