Right Here, Right Now #350

Note: The following is a transcribed rampage from The Money Train series of daily rampages recorded on January 21, 2011. The topic for that day was: I'm learning to tell a new story about how easy it is to allow.

According to Paul: The purpose of a rampage is to speak powerfully in the now moment about the conditions that you are wanting to experience. What the rampage does is it closes the gap between where you are in time with where you want to be in time.

When I notice what's going on around me, I notice that the reason why I am where I am is because of the story that I'm telling.

And the story that I'm telling is not so much how I'm talking to another person, although sometimes that is involved, but rather it's the narration that I have going on in my own mind about the nature of my reality and the nature of my experience.

Never before has it been so clear to me that the story that I tell myself about how my reality works and how it's shaped and how it unfolds is actually causing my reality to do those very things.

So when I say things like "I'm allowing more and more and more of the great good that I've summoned," well, that's what begins to happen.

When I say things like "I'm so open and free with what I'm allowing into my experience," then I begin to feel opened and free and I feel the power of that wonderful delicious stream of goodness and well-being that I'm floating on become deeper and wider and more powerful.

So I'm realizing that in a way that I never understood before, I understood this intelectually, but now I really see it, now I really feel it, now it's very much a part of me, that my physical reality is determined by what I notice and one of the most powerful ways for me to notice something is to tell myself:

"This is what's happening. This is what's happening here, and this is what's happening there, and this is what's happening in regards to this, and this is what's happening in regard to that."

And so when I tell myself these amazing stories about how easy things are, and how simple things are and how delicious things are, and how it's just the right time and the right place and the right person and the right experiences and the perfect alignment and the perfect coming together and it's so smooth and so simple and so easy, well, when I do that, then I know I'm right there, I'm right there on top of it all.

I'm not controlling my experience in the way that I would have thought it would have meant before. In other words, I don't sit down and map out what it is that I think I should be doing.

Sometimes I do pre-plan my experience by thinking about how nice it would be for this to happen or that to happen.

And then I sit down in a way and tell myself the story of how it's certainly going to be like that, isn't it?

It's certainly going to go in that direction, it's certainly going to be quite a simple unfolding and quite an easy unfolding and that my experience will involve the things that I really love and that it will be very delicious and it will be very simple and it will be quite, quite abundant.

So it's wonderful to watch, it's wonderful to be right there, right on the leading edge of my own experience as I see the story that I've been telling myself now take shape, in a physical way.

When I watch the story unfold because when I've said to myself things such as "everyone everywhere wants to help me," that story has turned out to be true.

When I've said to myself things like "no matter what I do, I can't do anything wrong," well, that story has turned out to be true as well, because now when I look at my life, I realize that I never really did anything wrong.

I made some mistakes in terms of how it is that I thought I perceived myself, but even that wasn't wrong because it was very helpful.

And when I told myself the story of how everything is just getting better and better and better, that's exactly what has happened.

I see that now, I see that in a way I didn't really even expect to see it when I first began to tell myself that story, so my affirmation of my reality is gaining momentum and has been gaining momentum for quite some time, mostly because, and here's one of the most powerful stories that I have ever told myself and that I really do love, mostly because, well, it's quite simple.

I started telling myself a new story.

I started paying attention to what was happening.

I began to notice that the new story was happening and so it's just gotten more and more clear that this is exactly, exactly the way it works for me.

Now I'm also realizing that telling myself a new story is not really about talking, it's not even really about talking to myself, and I certainly don't go around mumbling all the time, although I do from time to time.

But telling myself a new story is about how I frame my experience.

It's about how I look at what I see and make it part of the positive delicious unfolding that's in front of me.

So I enlist everything that I see into the service of the better new story.

I enlist everything that I see in the service of how things are getting better.

And I enlist everything that I see in the service of how I'm truly wealthy, even if my bank account doesn't seem to indicate that.

So that's been a very interesting aspect to this.

When I relax as I have done quite powerfully and when I realize I'm telling myself the story of my life, I'm telling myself the story of exactly what's going to happen, then I began to feel wealthy, for example.

I began to feel wealthy in a way that kind of surprised me.

I began to realize the lushness and richness of my experience.

I began to realize the power of my new story and I began to realize that it's really quite simple, all of this.

This has never been something that has taken me a long time to figure out, that's one thing for quite sure, and it's not been something that I've had to really work at.

What's actually happened is I realized that I could be telling a new story about how I tell a new story.

So "everything everywhere really does want to help me," means that it's all getting easier and easier, which also means that I'm wealthier and wealthier, in fact I'm right smack dab in the middle of my powerful wealth vortex, which means that no matter what I do everything is working out for the best, which means that it's always really easy to tell a new story, which means that all of my new stories are coming into place rather quickly and rather powerfully and that's a lot of fun.

So they just build on each other. They support each other. They underlie each other. They really promote each other. And that feels really, really, really good to me.

It feels really, really good to me and therefore I see really, really good stuff happening.

So out on the physical level, most of the time everything is quite wonderful and in those few times when things don't seem to work out quite the way that I want them to, I notice that's all right because several things are happening.

One is the delicious contrast of the moment which means more clarity about what I'm wanting and I love, love, love that.

The other part that I see that is happening is that there is a summoning forth that's happening through this contrast, that's not just about helping define and refine, but it's just like a powerful raw energy kind of desire that happens.

So, when I stub my toe and I say "Ow" really loudly, that "Ow" really loudly is actually very powerful desire and summoning forth more harmony in how I walk across the floor.

So, I really love this.

I love that everything everywhere really is out to help me and that it does get easier and easier and that I really am wealthy right now.

No need to wait.

I'm wealthy right now today and I'm allowing that.

I'm soothing myself into that.

I've relaxed myself into that.

So here I am. Look. Here I am. I'm sitting on top of my millions and they're real.

I see them in the bank.

I can count them.

It's all right here and it's great and I love that.

But you know, I don't rely upon my milliions to tell me that I'm wealthy because my wealth comes from within.

My wealth is my well-being.

And my wealth, while some of it is physically symbolized in money, the feeling of wealth is what is generating the whole thing.

So, since I know that and I'm sitting here on my millions and I'm enjoying them, I'm having a great time with that and I love making more money from that.

I love investing money.

I love having money.

I love spending this money.

I love giving this money away.

It feels really good. This whole flow feels really delicious.

So, I'm right here. I'm right with it. And that's really, really good.

But I'm also aware of the fact that, and I don't spend very much time thinking about it, but again, there are moments when those worry thoughts rise up and that's OK.

And when they come up, the reason why they don't become fearful thoughts is because I just sit with them and I look at them and I think:

"Alright, I understand where this is coming from. I understand why this is here. I don't necessarily know all the details but I know that it happens from time to time, and I'm OK with that. I'm not trying to fix that or make that stop happening."

What I do with that is I tell myself:

"Well I could worry about this. Or I could realize that everything, everywhere is in league with me and is helping me, and that everyone, everywhere wants to help me and that all situations in all times, including the contrasty ones, are out to really make sure that I continue to have more and more of what I'm wanting. Or I can believe that somehow it's different than that."

But my experience doesn't back that up.

My experience says, and particularly my perception and the stories that I'm telling myself, all of which have come true, say the same thing.

They all say the same thing: which is that there's not really anything to worry about, all is well, and that my veritable millions, if I were to lose them tomorrow, would be replaced by the next day, because the vibration that I have about my wealth is like the vibration I have about running water.

It's not the norm when the water is cut off.

When the water doesn't work, I'm so clear about how that's just not right. Not in a highly resistant way, but in a highly clear way.

I'm so clear: "Look, running water is the norm."

I've got wealth running hot and cold, coming out through the taps. It's just everywhere.

There's just money everywhere I turn, in everything that I do.

So since I've got hot and cold running money, I know that if, for some reason it stopped, not that I'm expecting that, but if for some reason it stopped, I wouldn't panic about that. I wouldn't be worried.

I might have a moment of just clear: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe this has happened."

But I wouldn't make that any more important than that instant I would have if I turned on the tap and I just heard gurgle, gurgle, and there was no water coming out.

I would know, just call the plumber, call the city, call whomever makes sure that the water runs, and they will come and they will fix it, and in no time at all, it will be back the way it was.

And even better because probably the reason why it's not running means there's something that needs to be fixed, and this is the way that I know it's all good.

The same is true with money.

I don't worry about it because if for some reason it stops.

It's just an indication that there's more coming.

And so, it's very, very easy.

It's very, very easy indeed for me to just relax about all of this.

So, here I am sitting right on top of my millions, really having a wonderful time, and noticing like I've never noticed before, that this is a really, really, really easy; really, really, really effortless experience.

And it's all due to the fact that I began to say some time ago, and it didn't take very long for this to catch, that I'm wealthy right now. I'm not waiting. I'm not waiting.

Money will catch up with me, but right now what I'm doing is that I am staying focused on what feels very, very good to me.

I'm telling myself the new story and I'm allowing in a way that continuously surprises me and delights me.

Every time I think I've relaxed as much as I could ever possibly relax, I find a new way to let go and I really love that.

So my life is quite sweet, quite wonderful.

And it's not because of the money, it's because of the allowing.

And the allowing has brought much more than money.

The allowing has brought improved relationships, improved circumstances, more and more and more deliciousness everywhere I turn.

And so I'm really excited about all of this.

I don't feel as though I need to push.

I don't as feel as though I need to make anything happen.

But what I do is notice is how easy it is, how effortless it is, and how I'm sitting here right on top of my millions, having the biggest ball of my life.

Date posted: March 6, 2018

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