Right Here, Right Now #343

When you encounter the vibration of boredom, all that you are finding is the place within you that may be trying to express the sameness in all things.

This is not particularly significant but it might be helpful.

You could, for example, specifically cultivate thoughts of contrast, such as noticing the difference between one cloud and another.

You could, also, notice how different each finger is, how each finger has a function that you've assigned it, and that each one likely moves independent of the others.

In other words, you can look at almost anything and notice the difference between that one thing and another.

There is no cure for boredom but there is an opportunity to leverage that vibration and really dig into the magic of the contrast between one thing and one or many others.

In so doing, you are giving yourself the gift of noticing the brilliance of your amazing and powerful creation.

Date posted: February 19, 2018

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