Right Here, Right Now #339

In the infiniteness of this moment rests all the power of who you are and who you are becoming.

From this moment arises the next moment and on and on.

You can, if you wish, analyze your memories of the past to draw conclusions in this moment.

If your conclusions are joyful, then this is likely quite wonderful.

However, there is no power to be had in conclusions that feel worse, however much you may believe that only the sadness or misery of the past has anything valuable to offer.

In this moment, which is the one that preceded this one, there is infiniteness and, within that infiniteness, there is potential awaiting your willingness to release it into form.

And while you certainly can release the potential found in the sad or miserable conclusions, you might rather want to notice how well things are right now and release that potential into the next moment instead.

The choice is yours to make and you make this choice constantly.

As we have said many times, we suggest noticing that you are making this choice in every moment. And, as you notice this, we suggest you also notice you are the one who is analyzing, concluding, noticing, and choosing.

You've never once gotten this wrong but you may have gone in directions you didn't like. You can always, even now, change your mind about what you think happened and what you think it meant.

Whatever you may think, you can always think something new right now.

Or right now...

Or right now...

Or right now...

On and on...

Date posted: February 15, 2018

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