Right Here, Right Now #333

Let us be clear and wholly unambiguous. You are creating your reality in every moment. You are not following the arc of a story laid out in the past. You are taking each moment, and through your astounding inner brilliance, constructing physical reality again and again.

Now, let us also be clear, that you have some very powerful beliefs in continuity and permanence that were handed to you by others and that you have handed off, as well. And those serve you very well.

Today we suggest that you combine these two things: that you are the creator of your reality and that you have strong beliefs in continuity and permanence.

In so doing, you can bring your will to bear and see what you are wanting as being done now. See yourself having the very thing that moments ago you were claiming didn't exist yet. Instruct your reality how to form itself according to your desire and focus. Test these waters and discover how you are, in fact, creating all of this.

We think you will be quite satisfied and delighted to remember that all this is indeed true.

Date posted: January 31, 2018

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