Right Here, Right Now #310

There is within you, right now, a desire for expansion that is so vast and so immense you can't quite comprehend it from the place where you sit.

It's not that you lack the intelligence...

It's that, if you could see the power of your desire, its light would be so brilliant, it would be akin to looking directly into the sun.

We say this not to overwhelm you or tease you into believing there is an untapped resource that you have somehow missed.

We say this so that you might take a moment to feel the powerful desire that is literally carrying you forward.

The breath you draw in contains all of this as does the breath you let out.

The cup of tea at your side has all of this desire brewing in it. It is this powerful, powerful, desire that makes the tea be what it is.

As you sip your tea and breathe in and out, you can feel this powerful desire as you relax into it.

This is our suggestion for you today.

Sip a cup of tea...

Breathe in...

Breathe out...

And know that everything around you vibrantly expands as a result.

Date posted: January 2, 2018

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