Right Here, Right Now #298

This whole idea of attracting something has become an idea that no longer really seems to be connected to the plain idea that you are creating your reality.

As long as you think that you have to attract someone or something into your experience, and do so from the perspective that it is missing and so now you will be complete once the attracting has achieved its goal, you will always come up short.

The fish will be the one that got away. The job will be the one that went to someone else. The money will slip through your hands.

You might very well ask why this is. And we can say one thing and one thing only: vibration.

In the act of attracting someone or something you are declaring its absence first and its presence later. Well, later never arrives. The only time is now and the only thing you are ever doing is creating.

So, today as you go into your day, perhaps you might enjoy looking around at what you experience as your creation. For that is certainly what it all is.

And revel in the plain idea that you, as an extension of Source Energy and as Unconditional Love in form, are creating ever-more delicious expressions of the You that you are becoming.

Your creation, your reality, is a wonderful place to live and to enjoy and to create more of.

You do have to have the eyes that can see this and the mind that will allow this to be true, but that is easy.

Close your physical eyes for a moment and breathe in the deliciousness of this present moment.

Intend that when you open your eyes, you will see the deliciousness of what you have created.

Allow yourself this gift, for it is amazing.

Date posted: November 5, 2017

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