Right Here, Right Now #297

There is, within you, a powerful desire that makes anything else you can conceive pale in comparison.

This desire has nothing to do with your physical existence as you define it, yet it makes such an existence possible.

This desire is so powerful that your opinions about it are meaningless, yet it makes these opinions possible.

This desire is the most powerful force at play in your reality and has nothing to do with your reality at all.

This desire is the desire that unconditional love has in becoming itself.

You are that which makes this possible.

Your physical existence is an extension of this love...

The ideas, concepts, constructs, thoughts, contrasts, and opinions that you have in regard to any and every thing is an extension of this love...

The pieces and parts, bits and bytes, of your reality are composed of this love...

It is everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time.

It has no opposite.

It is.

As you are.

And it is endlessly becoming more of itself.

And the everything that you are is doing the same.

For you are this unconditional love in expansion.


Date posted: October 3, 2017

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