Right Here, Right Now #291

There are conversations that we have, from time to time, with our wonderful physical friends who tell us about a slightly disorienting thought that seems to point to the idea that they are dropping out of the culture, as a whole.

We like to remind you that what is actually happening is that you may very well be withdrawing your attention from social cues and clues and relying, more and more, on your intuition if this is your experience.

It can feel a bit, we notice, as if you are abandoning others.

This has less to do with abandoning others and more to do with embracing yourself.

You see, you were asked, long ago, to make a sort of bargain with a chaotic universe.

You wouldn't rock the boat in exchange for some relative peace and quiet.

Of course, if you're reading these words, it's quite likely that you've discovered that quiet is interesting, peace is eternal and always present, and that rocking your own boat for your own delight can be quite delicious.

You've also likely remembered that the chaotic universe does not exist and that you live in an intentional universe that operates for you, on your behalf, and to your benefit.

So, if you notice that slightly bewildering thought that you might be abandoning everyone else, it might help to remember that you're simply returning to the truth of who you are which includes everyone and everything, everywhere.

Date posted: May 19, 2017

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