Right Here, Right Now #286

Logic, by its definition, is a way of looking at what exists and then figuring out what to do.

It's wonderful for baking cakes and building steamships and we highly recommend its use for those sorts of things that you are intentionally constructing in physical reality by assembling pieces together in the right way and in the right order.

Using logic to organize your manifesting reality is not anything we would suggest.

As you likely already know, you get a lot of frustration when you try to push your reality in the direction you want it to go.

The reason is that everything, everywhere and in every way is responding to your intention.

And doing so magnificently.

As you ease up on yourself and let reality work itself out for you and on your behalf, you will remember that you have one immediate thing at your disposal instantly that is helping you right now.

That is your intuition.

It is immediate, easy, obvious, simple.

It doesn't correct.

It expands.

And, most importantly, it feels better.

So we invite you to try out what we're offering:

Do the thing that feels better in the doing.

Do the thing that is easy in the doing.

Do the thing that is obvious in the doing.

Do the thing that is expansive in the doing.

Do the thing that is simple in the doing.

Try this and find out what happens.

You might be quite delighted, indeed, as you do.

Date posted: April 16, 2017

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