Right Here, Right Now #282

So, the magic of who you are is not found in what you do or what you say.

The magic of who you are is in your presence.

What we mean by this is that your very existence is the validation of your wonder and your delight.

Whether you allow yourself to feel it or see it, you bless all that you see, all that you perceive, and all that you imagine.

You, being you, is pure perfection.

You can deny it, you can refute it, you can build monuments that testify otherwise, but like water, the truth of who you are will always find its way through.

You can wait until then or you can simply relax now and let it rise up and show itself to you.

Regardless, we see it as do the flowers and the trees and the sun itself as it shines on you.

Your magnificence cannot and will not be hid.

And, if you don't feel it, don't worry about it.

It will be there when you're ready.

Date posted: February 10, 2017

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