Right Here, Right Now #273

We cannot overstate the importance of becoming aware of the very powerful fact that love is in everything that you are doing already.

Our purpose is not to convince you to do something that you're not doing but rather is to remind you of something that you are doing already but are not necessarily in alignment with.

So when it comes to the topic of the work that you do, whether you are an employee or an employer, whether you own your own business or whether you are just having projects that you do from time to time that may or may not look like employment, we want to remind you that as you align with the love that is inherent in everything that you are doing, what you are doing changes.

It becomes deeper, it becomes broader, it becomes more delicious and it certainly becomes more attractive.

You will find that people will flock to whatever it is that you are about when you have lined yourself up, even just a little bit, progressively more, with the love that is there, with the love that you are expressing, with the love that is inherent in what you are doing.

Date posted: December 3, 2016

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