Right Here, Right Now #263

Whether you are speaking on behalf of some handsome non-physical types, like ourselves, or simply focusing your attention in a way that pleases you and then expressing what arises from that focus, this is channeling.

There are some who do not like this word, channeling, because it connotes something mystical that it isn't.

Everyone channels. How anyone does it is up to them. What we want to bring your attention to here is the notion that the ghost or the notion wants to express itself through you and that couldn't be more wrong, both on its face and deep within the thought.

You see, whenever some ghost seems to appear out of nowhere and the channel throws back his head and begins to issue mumbo-jumbo on behalf of the ghost, this is interpreted as being something like a possession, which, if it were a real thing in terms of who you actually are, would be quite frightening indeed.

However, channeling happens as a result of an invitation. You know this for yourself, even if there are parts and pieces of what you consider to be your relationship to us that you don't quite understand and are more than willing to just chalk up to the idea that says, "That's what they wanted. I'm just the channel. That's how this works."

To this we emphatically say that is not how this works. These ideas, these notions, these ghosts... All of them are your creations. All you have done, and it is no small thing, is to be willing in this particular form to let an idea that you like to happen through you.

But you are the progenitor of the idea. It doesn't fall down on you. It rises up within you and then you hone the skill that gets better and easier as you stay in alignment with yourself to hold the focus and let it happen through you.

Every actor, every artist, every musician, every person of every stripe who was ever inspired to say or do anything has done what they've done in response to the desire that rose up within themselves.

No ghost, no notion, no concept, no work of art, no anything has ever invaded your amazing physical reality, which is governed by your personality, and taken possession of you.

You, on the other hand, may have had a strong desire to let something wild and wonderful express itself through you. And, simultaneously, you may have had a strong resistance to allowing it to do so. The result, at first, was akin to a series of inarticulate grunts or an attempt to draw a straight line on a pad of paper or some tentative banging on inharmonious keys of a piano. Regardless of how you begin anything, you evolve into feeling more comfortable doing it and being in the doing of it. Just like you did when you took your first steps or read your first book.

So, in saying all of this, we are answering your question about "Where does this come from?" And, "Is it really real?"

It comes from your imagination, which dismisses nothing since your imagination is the single most powerful took at your disposal.

And it's as real as you allow it to be.

None of this is complex. None of this is hidden. It's all quite simple. And, considering the wild games you have played on yourself in the mistaken belief that you needed to align yourself with someone or something else, it makes sense to us that to call all of this simple is utterly general and hopelessly unhelpful.

But, then you can take another breath and you can feel how you are in the right place, at the right time, right now and how all is well, indeed. And, then you go with the next thought and let it help yo and, before you know it, the words are flowing, the feet are dancing, and the thoughts are free to express themselves in ever more delicious ways.

Date posted: September 13, 2016

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