Right Here, Right Now #254

If you think a happy thought, or speak of happy things, or do something that is happy to you in the doing, then you will feel better.

Now, you can take the word happy and change it to loving, joyful, freedom-filled, abundant, celebratory, appreciative, or any other term you like.

Notice we are not saying you will necessarily feel the vibration of happiness, love, joy, etc., but you will feel better.

You can access thoughts of joy and freedom and abundance where you are and the let them help you rise up vibrationally from where you are.

Just be easy with these things and, as we often suggest, don't try to achieve a vibrational state because you think should or that you need to.

Just let yourself feel better in any way you can.

Nothing is more important than this, but it isn't a goal to be fulfilled.

It just feels better.

Date posted: June 10, 2016

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