Right Here, Right Now #235

Everyone does everything they do because they believe they will feel better.

It can really help you let other people off the hook when you notice that this was their intention: they wanted to feel better.

We're not suggesting that you should like what they did.

We're simply offering you a way to drop the resistance you have to them and what they did and give yourself the gift of release and relief.

Everyone, including you, does what they do because they believe they will feel better as a result.

If the belief is all about what will happen later, that they will feel better after they say the thing or get it off their chest or prove that they're right, then they will probably never feel better.

But, you, from where you are, can feel better now by simply realizing that relief is what everyone wants.

When you recognize that this was the underlying motive for what they did, you might just actually feel better now.

Date posted: May 23, 2016

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