Right Here, Right Now #212

There may be times when you feel very much in a fog about your life.

Even when you understand and have long experience with the awareness that you are creating your own reality.

This can happen from time to time.

Asking yourself why it has happened, so as to make it go away and prevent it from returning is an interesting venture but does not deliver what it proposes to deliver. You will not find relief there.

However, you can find relief right now, right where you are simply by intending to feel better now.

This doesn't solve the problem, because there is no problem.

But you will feel better, even if only slightly so.

And then it will be slightly easier to feel even better from there.

And on it goes and, before you know it, you feel not just better but good.

And, since you already know that you are a vibrational being, you know that this is more important than anything.

Relief surpasses understanding every time.

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