Right Here, Right Now #210

We really want you to get this because it is so delicious. Really and truly.

Whatever you are offering, be them widgets or services or just fries to go with that, it doesn't matter. What you are offering is what is WANTED and not what is NEEDED.

Who would want to feel that kind of neediness? It's sticky and a bit awful. And it certainly makes it difficult for your customers to WANT to part with their delicious cash.

What you want is for your products and your services to be delightful objects that are wanted. They are amazing gifts. They are like the presents under the tree or just waiting to be given, wrapped in the nicest paper, and tied up with a bow. And, wow, what's inside? Why, much more than any paper or bow could indicate. Juicy, juicy delights are waiting to be uncovered.

What you are offering, always, is the WANTED end of your product or service stick. The quality that you imbue them with, considering how you think about them, how you consider them, the vibration you give to them... This quality is what your customer will be relating to and will be interpreting whenever they read about, pick up, hear about, or just plain think about your products and services.

You can stop whatever you are doing right now and just love your products and services. It's never too late to do this. No matter what has happened in the past. No matter how many or how few you have sold, you can always start fresh, from a vibrational perspective.

It's never, ever, too late to fall in love with your delicious creations.

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