Right Here, Right Now #209

When you're working with your helpers, when you're playing with your helpers, when you're gamboling with your helpers, what you're doing is: "like mind meeting like mind."

Because no one is more brilliant than you are, no one is more connected than you are, no one is more astounding than you are.

So you're not going to some higher place and reaching for teachers who stand above you holding forth in some way that is wiser than you are. You're meeting your brother, your sister, your fellow traveler, your friend.

That's why we call them your helpers. They're not your guides. Now you can call them guides if you want to, that's perfectly fine. That's why we also don't use the word angel; although, you can use that word as well.

Because we want to remind you that you are the CAUSE of these things.

You are not the effect of anyone, anything, anywhere, ever.

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