Right Here, Right Now #158

The bottom line is you notice something you're not enjoying.

Let it happen.

The point here is let yourself have what is happening and then follow what feels better from there instead of trying to fix the problem.

We too are paying attention to only that which feels better right in the moment as it is happening.

So take the contrast and use the s*** out of it.

Not for the purpose of analyzing and diagnosing but for the purpose of deciding I can have what I God d*** want.

And then be easy with it, after a brief moment of saltiness.

When you are willing to use the salty language, then it gets easier because you let the intensity pass through, and then you relax and the release arises, and then you have something else to think about that feels better whatever it is that presents itself to you.

The speaking and finding and looking and scraping and pulling and pushing is not necessary.

You can do it if you want to, it's perfectly fine, but it doesn't ever achieve what you think it's going to achieve.

It can take years and years and years to discover something that in a moment of just being open and relaxed and OK with the noise or the bleeding or the fat, can come to you in an instant.

And you're in a much better position if you let the insight come to you than you are if you go out to a ghost or anyone else and say, "Why is this happening?"

Let it COME to you, don't go out and look for it.

Let it come to you.

That you're going to get an answer, is inevitable.

Relax relax relax relax.

Let it be noisy, let it be uncomfortable and it will pass.

It will pass either into a place where you don't care or you don't notice, or it disappears.

Either one is the same.

Date posted: October 29, 2015

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