Right Here, Right Now #154

There will never be enough time or enough money in the world to satisfy the need for time and money. And what we mean by this is that as long as you see any one thing or any set of things as being in short supply and what you are wanting is to have more of it so that you don't have less of it, you will find yourself it a constantly spinning circle of trying harder and harder to get more and more of what it is that you are vibrationally declaring you do not have enough of. So, we suggest that as you go through this day, that you find ways to bless what it is that you notice, that you find ways to appreciate them, for everything that you are seeing is of your own creation and as you turn your attention to the wanted aspect of what it is that you have brought forth, you will find over and over and over again more and more and more of a joyful experience that resonates through and amplifies itself into more and more of your ever-expanding, ever-opening life unfolding.

Date posted: July 3, 2012

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