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I feel uncomfortable about these conspiracy theories.
May 16, 2020

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I've found it mostly easy to be in my bubble of contentment. Client flow continues to grow beautifully as I do my meditations. The weather is glorious and suits my mood. I love my walks with my beloved. Generally, I move on by without paying much attention to anything that doesn't feel expansive.

However, the one thing that 'snags' at my attention are people on social media sharing information that could be loosely labelled as 'Conspiracy Theory'. I can see they are asking important questions about our freedoms and the flow of power. I value that.

However, I find it uncomfortable when they make leaps of judgement about another’s intentions and paint a dystopian picture of big structures wanting to control the masses. I don't enjoy the fear and anger I notice from them which seems to accompany this.

I might judge them for being stupid or not showing more discernment in their choice of facts. I might judge them about not noticing their own individual power in all these horror movie scenarios, and how that power is sovereign beyond what another can attempt to do. I feel compassion as well as I used to have my own unique horror movie that I was 'victim' to many years ago. I only recognise my power now because of dealing with the ghosts of what could harm me in a similar way.

I am struggling to not get caught in 'rubber necking' every so often, like it's a car crash on the road. It distracts me from where I want to spend my time. Any comments on moving onto this next level of freedom?

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