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Your Helpers & Money Part 2

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What's this about?

We invite you to join us for a second week of conversations and questions about what it means to be in connection with Your Helpers, particularly around the topic of Money.

While it may seem that we just covered this topic, there is always more to bring to the table and we do so here in response to your desires and in alignment with our desires that you allow yourselves to have all that you are actually wanting to have.

Your helpers have been with you since the beginning and will be with you through to the end.

They know more about you than anyone else other than you.

They know more about your reality, and in the ways that your interaction with your reality affects you, than perhaps even you do.

They are here, above all else, to help you and they do, constantly, by holding the very clear thought of your magnificence and finding constant evidence of your brilliance.

They see how you are creating what you are wanting and this vision they have of you is a very powerful thing indeed.

And this includes, in particular, how you are creating around the topic of money.

They know as well as you do, if not more so, what you are wanting to experience when it comes to having money.

And as you continue to intentionally explore and amplify your relationship with Your Helpers, it will become easier and easier to involve their vast ability to assist you with amplifying the wanted aspects of your thoughts more deliciously into physical manifestation.

We invite you to join us as we continue exploring this very delicious topic of Your Helpers and Money.

July 10, 2013: Your Helpers & Money Part 2 #1

July 11, 2013: Your Helpers & Money Part 2 #2

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There is a Part 1 and Part 3 to this series that are also available.

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Your Helpers & Money Part 2

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