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What's this about?

We invite you to consider how amazing it is to be all about what you are wanting, to feel better and better about it all, and delight in the having of what you actually want.

In other words, when you take action, particularly as it applies to a thorny topic such as money, for the simple fact that it feels better to do so, you are lining yourself up with having exactly what you want and in the fullness of it, as well.

So, we invite you to join us for 21 days of morning conversations on this topic.

We think you will find it to be the perfect launching pad for some very delicious and aligned inspired action.

And what could be better than doing what you actually want to do in a way that feels just delicious in the doing of it while also enjoying what happens as you are taking the action?

We know this may all seem rather silly if you are accustomed to be cautious, planning well in advance, or being skeptical of what might be possible. Even if you are just putting a toe or two in the water to test it out, we do invite you to discover what might actually happen if you really do indeed decide to trust yourself in knowing what exactly is the next better-feeling action from where you are in any given moment.

During this series, we will not be much focused on those thoughts that feel better or those words that feel better. We will be very much focused on the actions that feel better, for this does seem to be a place where the rubber actually meets the road in your lives and where you actually do discover, when you let yourself follow your intuition in this way, how amazing the unfolding of your reality can actually be.

We will be focused, as well, on the topic of money although you could certainly apply the concepts we will be discussing to just about any topic.

However, we do so enjoy discussing the topic of money because it is quite delightful to be with any of you as you allow the thorniness of this topic to fade and begin to embrace the delightful reality that you are indeed supremely abundant in all ways, and that includes in the having of money in exactly the way that is right for you.

So, if this does indeed feel better to do, please do join us for this delicious series. We so look forward to connecting with you in this very particular way.


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July 12, 2013: Inspired Money Action #3

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Inspired Money Action

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