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What's this about?

We invite you to start your morning with a BOOST!

Each morning for the 21 days of this series, we will be offering you an opportunity to align with the expansive possibilities that each day brings.

Each recording we offer will be of a short duration. They are designed to get you started and then to return to during the day as much as you want to recharge and refresh.

We remind you that every morning you return from sleep is a choice that you have made to continue engaging with the wonderful life that you are living.

This is such a fabulous choice and is very much worth remembering each day that you make it.

In this particular series, we will be focused on Your Money Vibe.

This is such a delicious topic, because there is much contrast related to the idea of money that you can use on any given day to leverage into what you are already wanting more of and to BOOST your desire even further in the direction of having what you want.

So, we invite you to follow what feels better, first and foremost.

And, if it does feel better to do so, join us for this 21-day series of magical and delicious expansiveness!

June 10, 2013: BOOST! Your Money Vibe - Sample

June 12, 2013: BOOST! Your Money Vibe #1

June 20, 2013: BOOST! Your Money Vibe #9

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