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What's this about?

In this series of conversations, we invite you to join us in the exploration of your relationship to your Source.

The nature and content and context of that most important of all relationships is found in what we like to call vibration.

Your vibration is your communication to your Source.

You are not appealing to your Source.

You are directing your Source.

Through your vibration, you are creating the world around you.

Powered by Source Energy and conceived in your imagination with lots of help from friends, both physical and non-physical, you are creating the physical world around you in every way you can conceive (and in many ways that will astound you as you begin to understand how deep this is).

In this series of conversations we will also be showing you how you already know how to do this.

We often refer to you as Master Manifestors. All you need do is look around to see that this is true.

So, in our conversations and workshops, we will be helping you more fully understand precisely how this works for you.

We invite you to join us for what we know will be a very enlightening series of encounters with your own inner magnificence, which is already at work and at play in your life.

December 12, 2012: How to Ask for What You Want #1

December 13, 2012: How to Ask for What You Want #2

December 14, 2012: How to Ask for What You Want #3

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