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What's this about?

There is within you already existing relationships with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of perfect customers for your products and services. You have already connected with them, without even being aware of it, through the focus and intention you have brought to the process of creating your wares.

Regardless of what you have experienced up to this moment, you can begin to consciously reach out to your perfect customers through your Network. Your Network is the web of inter-connected light pathways that connects you to all the people in your life, most of whom you have never met.

When you realize what is at your fingertips through your Network, you can go back, again and again, with your focus, intention, and love, and activate these wonderful connections.

In this rampage series, we will be bringing your attention to them day after day by focusing on the love, the joy, and the abundance that each of these relationships contains. Through this delicious focus, you will find yourself connecting, again and again, to these amazing people and it is our intention that you feel and experience the present-moment delight of these relationships in very real and tangible ways.

November 1, 2011: Perfect Customers Rampage #1

November 24, 2011: Perfect Customers Rampage #24

November 2, 2011: Perfect Customers Rampage #2

November 3, 2011: Perfect Customers Rampage #3

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