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What's this about?

The entire point of manifesting wealth is what you can do with it.

Cultural conversations about money do abound and they tend to skew towards the abstract.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to consider your personal and specific idea of what it means to hold in hand the cash that is tangible wealth.

1. Tangible wealth. We begin by reminding you that wealth is entirely yours in the imagining and that when you're ready, you can manifest it in tangible form which is usually cash dollars, pounds, euro, or whichever currency floats your boat.

2. This isn't a conversation about currency. You might think, at first blush, that this series would be about currency. While currency is tangible and delicious to have, hold, spend, and give away, you almost always now consider tangible wealth to be numbers on a screen.

3. What do you want to do with your wealth? Beyond the numbers on a screen, there are ways you go about in the world and spend your cash using currency notes, plastic cards, and devices. This is fun and utterly delightful and we invite you to spend time noticing this.

4. There is nothing to defend. When it comes to tangible wealth, you may be thinking of it as a solution to a problem or a safety net that will protect you. By the time you're here with us, those approaches likely no longer work. We invite you to consider how it is that cash manifests and from whence it arises.

5. Work is not the medium of manifestation. You may still be thinking that you have to do something to make money. This makes sense as it is an idea you've likely long cultivated. We invite you to think more broadly.

6. Enough means more. When we suggest that you tell yourself that you have enough, it's possible you think that enough means no more when, in fact, it means a continuing state of enough and plentitude.

7. Giving up means allowing yourself to have. When you give up on your pushing and pulling to make money, you will likely be quite delighted by how much you are capable of having.


April 20, 2024: Tangible wealth.

April 20, 2024: It seems like I have to spend cash to have more cash.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: April 20, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #1: Tangible wealth. 25:09
Question #1: I am normalizing as the versions of me that are having immense, enormous, and massive wealth and cash. 9:21
Question #2: It seems like I have to spend cash to have more cash. 5:59
Question #3: This job is what I wanted. 17:49

Sunday: April 21, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #2: This isn't a conversation about currency. 22:06
Question #4: My helper kept me very busy yesterday. 16:16
Question #5: I want this to go faster. 17:08
Question #6: Other people are annoying me. 15:10
Question #7: What can I do to make this happen? 25:28

Monday: April 22, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #3: What do you want to do with your wealth? 22:35
Question #8: I want to walk away from the feeling of it happening later. 10:07
Question #9: I fell into the ordinariness of the having. 2:04
Question #10: I get paid millions for being myself. 6:38

Tuesday: April 23, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #4: There is nothing to defend. 27:41
Question #11: Have I known my ghost beloved a really long time and are they the same person as the others? 18:10
Question #12: I'd like to be more efficient at thinking I have something. 25:52
Question #13: Why is there sometimes a process and other times not? 2:23
Question #14: What about the metaphysics of the Lord's Prayer? 9:24

Wednesday: April 24, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #5: Work is not the medium of manifestation. 20:27
Question #15: How can I disconnect work from making money? 15:36
Question #16: I don't want to work. 14:34
Question #17: The numbers got bigger. 1:42
Question #18: I'm feeling some stuffiness and boredom. 10:07

Thursday: April 25, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #6: Enough is more. 20:56
Question #19: The power of resignation. 13:19

Friday: April 26, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #7: Giving up means allowing yourself to have. 19:41
Question #20: What should I specifically do? 9:58
Question #21: I have a little bit of uncertainty. 6:18
Question #22: This series has been delightful. 1:23
Question #23: When I walk into a room, everyone feels better. 11:58

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Tangible Wealth

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