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What's this about?

The vast majority of what you encounter in the holographic universe that is your physical reality rises up to meet you because you are manifesting all these things by default.

This is testimony to your mastery as a manifestor.

It would be ridiculous to offer you any conversation on how that works since you work it so perfectly well already.

What might be helpful is to talk about manifesting the things that you've pulled out of the stream of default manifesting because you thought it was important to do so for whatever reason.

In this series of 7 daily conversations with 7 daily processes along with your powerful questions, we invite you to turn from thinking about what you're wanting and turn towards the manifesting of these desires as a practical act.

1. The fundamentals of intentional manifesting. This is a positive act and one that is quite powerful once you engage with it.

2. Using your power for your good. Instead of talking about and musing about what is not working, you have a powerful mind that can be used for the imagining, allowing, and having of what you desire.

3. Beginning at the beginning. By this we mean that each moment is a new beginning and that it matters not how you got here.

4. Amplifying the havingness. You have what you desire already and you can amplify that havingness through your imagining.

5. Giving the flying monkeys their due. You hired them, after all, and they're just helping you consider what you desire from all the angles.

6. The key to everything is allowing what you desire. One of the most fundamental aspects to manifesting anything is allowing it to fulfill its desire to be in your reality.

7. Intending is where you start and where you finish. Intending and the expansive feeling it brings is what this is all about.

January 20, 2024: The fundamentals of intentional manifesting.

January 20, 2024: A process for intentional manifesting.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: January 20, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #1: The fundamentals of intentional manifesting. 22:57
Process #1: A process for intentional manifesting. 8:51
Question #1: My life is really messy. 11:24
Question #2: I want my body to be thin. 13:06
Question #3: I want to play with my body like I do with money. 10:54

Sunday: January 21, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #2: Using your power for your good. 25:40
Process #2: Moving about your default manifesting. 14:41
Question #4: I had another scary dream this morning. 20:51
Question #5: What about this vision board? 12:59
Question #6: This one client was very challenging. 7:54

Monday: January 22, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #3: Beginning at the beginning. 26:55
Process #3: Letting the river carry you. 10:19
Question #7: Do our versions have an over-soul? 4:31
Question #8: I feel like I’m blocking my manifestation. 11:30
Question #9: What about caring or not caring? 12:57
Question #10: What about these nuances? 13:16

Tuesday: January 23, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #4: Amplifying the havingness. 16:14
Process #4: Today is the day of your great good. 8:45
Question #11: Don't we need to intentionally manifest? 20:30
Question #12: I'm not sure why I'm not buying this ticket. 11:39
Question #13: What about my body? 14:11
Question #14: Is my vibrational relationship delaying my physical relationship? 16:45

Wednesday: January 24, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #5: Giving the flying monkeys their due. 18:37
Process #5: Bubbling among your versions. 16:20
Question #15: I don't like where I am. 24:39
Question #16: I threw a fit yesterday. 12:05
Question #17: Is that how you see us? 5:26

Thursday: January 25, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #6: The key to everything is allowing what you desire. 37:04
Process #6: The new and the familiar all in one package. 14:07
Question #18: I don't have what I want. 19:10
Question #19: Sometimes I know the answer, sometimes you have it for me. 12:33
Question #20: This ongoing anxiety that I have. 12:36
Question #21: I feel the relief of not having to prove the readings. 10:06
Question #22: How do I feel excited instead of anxious? 11:15

Friday: January 26, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #7: Intending is where you start and where you finish. 19:50
Process #7: Meeting your physical reality. 13:16
Question #23: This is the month when I meet my financial goal. 21:26
Question #24: It felt like I was in a movie. 21:30
Question #25: I am retired. 4:56

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