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Allowing Manifesting Through Versioning

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What's this about?

When you imagine anything, a version of you is reporting to you what your imagining is bring forth right at the moment of the imagining.

Anything you bring forth into your current reality is coming into being and rising up because you are allowing it to do so.

In this series, we invite you to let your versions do the so-called work of manifesting for you.

After all, you're living out the desires of your versions in ways they can only dream of.

What is simple for you seems fantastic to them and vice versa.

Allowing yourself to have what your versions already have is simple and easy.

The key, of course, is in the allowing.

1. Allowing manifesting through versioning.

2. Sleeping on it.

3. Living in what you know.

4. Walking away from process.

5. Opening your mind to probability.

6. Giving yourself the gift of having what you desire.

7. Knowing that it is done.


January 13, 2024: Allowing manifesting through versioning.

January 13, 2024: Meeting the version who has what you desire.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: January 13, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #1: Allowing manifesting through versioning. 15:05
Process #1: Meeting the version who has what you desire. 11:27
Question #1: What can I do to assist my son in no longer having black-outs? 6:19
Question #2: I want to be closer to my versions. 3:46
Question #3: How do I make these decisions? 21:42
Question #4: What about making decisions? 11:43
Question #5: My mom showed up in the process. 7:54

Sunday: January 14, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #2: Sleeping on it. 26:16
Process #2: The open multiplicity and the curated singular. 14:52
Question #6: Do these things have their own desires? 7:25
Question #7: I'm enjoying this fun project of writing this book. 12:07
Question #8: I loved the process. 6:19

Monday: January 15, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #3: Living in what you know. 20:56
Process #3: Sharing what you know and what you live with your versions. 11:56
Question #9: Whenever I need to do something, I refer to another version of me who's completed it already. 5:47
Question #10: My second version was very dynamic and like a superhero. 12:00
Question #11: I've been tapping more and more into my creative self-expression. 12:55
Question #12: This was a great conversation and I loved the answers. 3:23

Tuesday: January 16, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #4: Walking away from process. 18:45
Question #13: I want a version to show me what to do. 5:27
Question #14: I'm not good at versioning. 21:12

Wednesday: January 17, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #5: Opening your mind to probability. 25:07
Question #15: I had two people reach out to me for my services and I'm not sure what to do. 4:59
Question #16: Is it OK to version as much as feels better? 6:31
Question #17: So much emotion is coming through. 2:38
Question #18: I've been meeting with my billionaires club. 8:05
Question #19: I can't remember the question. 8:13

Thursday: January 18, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #6: Giving yourself the gift of having what you desire. 23:25
Question #20: How can I let go of the fear of getting lost with my versions? 8:42
Question #21: How is this helpful? 14:50

Friday: January 19, 2024

Description Length
Conversation #7: Knowing that it is done. 14:49
Question #22: What does this sadness mean? 6:00
Question #23: I had a nightmare. 16:47
Question #24: My version wrote her way into the life she wants. 2:15
Question #25: I'm living in my freedom but sometimes I forget. 19:47
Question #26: Can I have what my version is having? 6:18
Question #27: What does déjà vu do? 2:02
Question #28: Is this contrast fake? 19:53

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Allowing Manifesting Through Versioning

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