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The Magic Of Flowing Cash

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What's this about?

It is helpful to remember that cash is a manifesting energy of abundance flowing through your imagining into your having.

Your imagining is the source of all that you experience in this holographic universe.

Nothing arises or expresses itself without being helpful to you for all of what is arising and expressing is coming from within your imagining.

This, of course, includes the forms of abundance that manifest as cash dollars, pounds, and euro or whichever currency floats your boat.

How you express the experience of cash flowing is up to you.

If we were in your shoes, we would express this experience as one of continuing abundance always moving downstream with continuing delight and wonder.

In this series of delicious conversations and powerful questions, we invite you to play with the magic of flowing cash and to remember the source of your abundance which is found in your imagining.

1. The magic of flowing cash.

2. Tapping the source.

3. Expressing and experience.

4. What is arising is perfect.

5. You are in alignment with all you have and desire.

6. Serendipity is constant.

7. Abundance is boundless and endless.


December 23, 2023: The magic of flowing cash.

December 23, 2023: Breathing in the imagining of cash.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: December 23, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: The magic of flowing cash. 19:36
Process #1: Breathing in the imagining of cash. 10:00
Question #1: Have I finally gone bonkers? 6:31
Question #2: I'm living more and more in the flow. 15:34
Question #3: I want more money and I don't want it tied to having to do something. 12:05

Sunday: December 24, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: Tapping your source. 30:15
Question #4: What about having what I want? 23:59
Question #5: How to throw things back into the stream of default manifesting. 3:21
Question #6: How can I remember this? 8:11
Question #7: What about signs from my helpers? 12:21
Question #8: What is the difference between I want and I need? 6:40

Monday: December 25, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: Expressing and experience. 18:06
Question #9: There was a major blowup yesterday. 9:28
Question #10: I want to play with the weather. 10:51
Question #11: I want more cash. 20:22
Question #12: I enjoy dreaming about what I want. 7:18

Tuesday: December 26, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: What is arising is perfect. 17:35
Question #13: Sweeping away the idea that there's a way to get this right. 11:16
Question #14: I think I'm beginning to get this. 4:46
Question #15: I'm seeing my desires right now. 10:27
Question #16: How can I amplify this? 7:46

Wednesday: December 27, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: You are in alignment with all you have and desire. 19:32
Question #17: I want to stop feeling I need to be careful with money. 5:51
Question #18: Yesterday I manifested a day off. 8:40
Question #19: I want to manifest cash without working. 11:46
Question #20: I can't find my source. 6:24

Thursday: December 28, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: Serendipity is constant. 17:57
Question #21: When I'm in a buying situation I'm not always sure what to do on an action level. 5:22
Question #22: What about these phrases from the old and new testaments? 4:53
Question #23: How to better engage my helpers in regards to serenditipity and more cash. 10:03

Friday: December 29, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: Abundance is boundless and endless. 15:26
Question #24: I saw my sister happy. 7:02
Question #25: What about the idea of sitting, being silent, and receiving more? 2:54
Question #26: I appreciate this morning's conversation. 2:46
Question #27: Yesterday was my last day at that job. 6:29
Question #28: My balance is zero. 3:25
Question #29: I was playing with unconditional love. 14:40

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The Magic Of Flowing Cash

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