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Manifesting Intuition: Wealth

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What's this about?

When we speak of manifesting intuition, we are referring to a current state you are already using and have access to should you choose to do so.

In bringing the specific topic of wealth to the table when it comes to manifesting intuition, we are inviting you to focus on that which you already have and wish to experience more of.

1. The idea of wealth lives within you. You already have a powerful idea of wealth that is alread in expression. We invite you to feel your way into seeing that expression and amplifying your having of it.

2. Opening up to your mastery of wealth. You are a master manifestor. Intuition is your most powerful tool. We invite you to recognize this and use it to your advantage and the advanatage of those around you.

3. Doing what feels better. Your intuition is the single most powerful guide you have to doing anything. This applies to wealth in all ways.

4. Recognizing the freedom that precedes the experience of wealth. We invite you to recognize that freedom begets wealth in all its forms not the other way around.

5. Taking inspired action. Using intuition allows you to take powerful steps in whatever direction calls you in the moment and liberates you from the constraints of self-imposed reasoning.

6. Letting wealth guide you. That which you desire to experience and express seeks expression through you. We invite you to let it do so.

7. You are living a wealthy life right now. Begin at the beginning which is in the having of what you desire. You are already have that which you seek.


December 9, 2023: The idea of wealth lives within you.

December 9, 2023: Seeing your ideas of wealth.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: December 9, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: The idea of wealth lives within you. 9:28
Process #1: Seeing your ideas of wealth. 10:44
Question #1: How do I move into the knowing of wealth? 10:11
Question #2: I want to be very wealthy. 15:17
Question #3: The process shattered my ideas about the conditions needed for successful visualizations. 4:27
Question #4: My brother ended up with everything. 17:12
Question #5: I create money drama to motivate myself. 2:54

Sunday: December 10, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: Opening up to your mastery of wealth. 28:43
Question #6: While filling the dishwasher this morning, I had a very vivid experience of my vortex. 3:31
Question #7: How can I loosen things up around my wealth? 11:01
Question #8: What can I do in the meantime to distract myself? 17:21
Question #9: I want to have a clean kitchen. 12:31
Question #10: I feel like I'm about to turn a corner. 6:24

Monday: December 11, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: Doing what feels better. 30:48
Question #11: Can you please talk more about releasing my art projects? 4:07
Question #12: Where is my bonus period coming from? 7:50
Question #13: I'm feeling like it's taking too long. 7:08
Question #14: I want to change my perspective on what just happened. 4:23

Tuesday: December 12, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: Recognizing the freedom that precedes the experience of wealth. 21:32
Question #15: I'm ready for it to rise up to meet me. 17:01
Question #16: What about getting these ducks in a row? 18:09
Question #17: Is the likelihood of winning improved by saying that I've won already? 8:17
Question #18: Trying to get the money to attend the workshop. 5:00
Question #19: I'm having emotions about this meeting. 1:56

Wednesday: December 13, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: Taking inspired action. 26:14
Question #20: My apartment is messier than I like. 11:24
Question #21: There's someone who is trying to sabotage me in this group. 4:14

Thursday: December 14, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: Letting wealth guide you. 23:26
Question #22: I need to buy a new laptop. 9:32
Question #23: Manifesting synchronicity and manifesting reality. 23:35
Question #24: I'm disappointed about the trip. 9:04
Question #25: I felt fireworks and then red flags. 13:31
Question #26: I don't have enough time to get enough cash together. 2:46

Friday: December 15, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: You are living a wealthy life right now. 16:40
Question #27: I think intuition is the answer to my questions. 22:19
Question #28: My dilemma is with my job. 10:25
Question #29: I want to go on this retreat. 11:39
Question #30: What about vision boards? 9:45
Question #31: I want this to be a thrilling day. 8:20
Question #32: This was the ride of a lifetime. 2:37

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Manifesting Intuition: Wealth

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