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What's this about?

Contrast, wanted or not, is the basis of your reality.

Desire arises from contrast and flows into imagining and intending, all leading to the allowing of what you are manifesting.

You are here, in this body, with this cash, with this beloved, and expressing yourself in a multitude of ways all thanks to contrast.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to see the true nature of contrast and how it is helping you every moment of every day.

1. Crunchable contrast. Contrast is a tangible element of your manifesting experience and you're always using it.

2. Wanted and unwanted. Unwanted contrast can, in fact, be more useful than wanted contrast.

3. Contrast and your body. What you don't like about your body is helping you have more of what you want to experience through your body.

4. Contrast and cash. Noticing the desire you have for more can sometimes seem to be some sort of report card about the current state of your financial affairs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

5. Contrast and your beloved. Your beloved's presence or lack thereof is contrast that is quite crunchable indeed.

6. Contrast and your creative self-expression. How you are in the world you are manifesting and those with whom you connect and encounter is all intertwined with contrast regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

7. Using contrast positively. The crunch of contrast is the most delicious thing you will ever come across.


September 30, 2023: Crunchable contrast.

September 30, 2023: Seeing the unwanted contrast from a new perspective.

September 30, 2023: What about what happened this morning?

October 1, 2023: Going down into the unwanted (squeezing the lemon).

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: September 30, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: Crunchable contrast. 16:48
Process #1: Seeing the unwanted contrast from a new perspective. 7:16
Question #1: The way she's acting hurts my feelings. 13:07
Question #2: What about staying in my own lane? 3:36
Question #3: What do I do about this rejection? 6:19
Question #4: I had a dream of my beloved last night. 4:42
Question #5: What about what happened this morning? 7:26

Sunday: October 1, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: Wanted and unwanted. 26:37
Process #2: Going down into the unwanted. 6:03
Question #6: I feel like I'm hunting a wild goose. 5:12
Question #7: Why does this seem to take so long? 9:48
Question #8: It is done and letting it go. 9:37

Monday: October 2, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: Contrast and your body. 30:41
Question #9: What is the metaphysical view of aging? 5:48
Question #10: Is it true that we create more possibilities for humans as we expand? 7:46
Question #11: Sometimes doing what feels better makes me feel anxious about the future. 8:18
Question #12: I'm frustrated that I don't know how to get what I want. 8:56
Question #13: It felt better to hear those things. 28:22

Tuesday: October 3, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: Contrast and cash. 24:48
Question #14: I was scammed by a con artist. 12:28
Question #15: My friends were scammed by a con artist. 6:08
Question #16: I have some crunchable contrast about a relationship. 10:08
Question #17: About my auto insurance. 4:01
Question #18: I don't have a job right now. 6:24

Wednesday: October 4, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: Contrast and your beloved. 21:35
Question #19: What about these two people in my life who are troubled? 5:04
Question #20: How responsible am I for my staff? 4:07
Question #21: I'm on a retreat just down the road. 9:39
Question #22: My partner drinks too much too often. 15:09
Question #23: What about my beloved? 12:46

Thursday: October 5, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: Contrast and your self-expression. 23:02
Question #24: What about The Sphere? 8:07
Question #25: I've had some serendipitous experiences. 10:12
Question #26: Can I actually have what I want? 7:58
Question #27: Why do we have to be reminded? 7:56
Question #28: Can you talk more about the meltdown on aisle three? 8:03
Question #29: What about control? 9:46

Friday: October 6, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: Using contrast positively. 14:39
Question #30: I went to the bank and confessed. 15:33
Question #31: Why do I keep running out of money? 24:52

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