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The Wealth Within You

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What's this about?

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to unleash the wealth within you by intentionally engaging in your imagining, intending, and allowing.

1. The wealth within you. You stand in the middle of great wealth but may not be accustomed to seeing it.

2. The call is coming from inside. You have a powerful desire for wealth and that desire is helping you in its fulfillment.

3. Noticing wealth now. Abundance in the form of wealth is not going to tap you on the shoulder.

4. You have what you say you have. Physical reality, including the manifesting of wealth, is happening because you say it is happening.

5. There is no delay. Wealth is a feeling first and that feeling, along with the thoughts and forms that extend from it, is available to you now.

6. Allowing is having. You never get, obtain, or make anything. You have it right now.

7. You are wealthy. This is true.


July 22, 2023: The wealth within you.

July 22, 2023: What about specificity?

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: July 22, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: The wealth within you. 18:43
Process #1: Unleashing the wealth within you. 8:17
Question #1: What about specificity? 7:48
Question #2: I feel like money only comes if I do something. 13:43
Question #3: When I see examples of wealth, I trace them back to actions. 14:07
Question #4: I tend to give instead of receive. 19:27
Question #5: I don't have to do it right. 5:25

Sunday: July 23, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: The call is coming from inside. 31:26
Process #2: Versioning your wealth. 7:07
Question #6: Does this count towards the equation? 13:24
Question #7: This meeting was amazing. 22:13
Question #8: I was angry with my version of wealth. 14:09
Question #9: Wealth told me that it had been with me always. 8:27

Monday: July 24, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: Noticing wealth now. 35:59
Process #3: Conjuring versions of desire and wealth. 9:03
Question #10: What happened with my versions? 6:32
Question #11: I've been invited to a casino. 4:36
Question #12: About my house and my cash. 21:51
Question #13: Why does it seem to take so long for positive things to physicalize? 12:27
Question #14: What about winning bigger lottery pots? 19:25

Tuesday: July 25, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: You have what you say you have. 32:48
Process #4: When faith meets doubt. 8:32
Question #15: Calling back is the least worst option. 6:10
Question #16: I feel like I'm being mean if I'm not always nice. 11:53
Question #17: I wanted to convince my fourth version to dance. 8:47

Wednesday: July 26, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: There is no delay. 17:33
Process #5: The third version who is wealthy now. 7:32
Question #18: Is this my specific person? 15:57
Question #19: Can you talk me through my wealth? 3:59
Question #20: I'm not sure why I'm crying. 14:41
Question #21: I want to see what I want today. 27:42

Thursday: July 27, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: Allowing is having. 19:59
Process #6: You are the star of your own show. 9:54
Question #22: I'm really messing things up. 9:03
Question #23: Letting it rise up to meet me. 19:12
Question #24: We're all concerned about this one brother. 6:47
Question #25: I'm feeling crazier and crazier and yet it's making life easier. 6:17

Friday: July 28, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: You are wealthy. 25:34
Process #7: Breathe in your wealth. 6:19
Question #26: I have this paradox. 16:58
Question #27: I have this buzz in my body. 19:00
Question #28: Today I feel calm as I'm sitting in my wealth and wellbeing. 17:12
Question #29: I decided to go to the pool. 15:11
Question #30: The crest, rise, and fall as a distribution. 3:36

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The Wealth Within You

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