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What's this about?

As with all other aspects of manifesting reality, your body exists in numerous versions which run parallel to where you sit.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to lean into versions of your body which you prefer and allow them to rise up to meet you.

1. Versioning your body. As we look at how your body is actually multiple versions sitting in the same space at the same time, we invite you to begin to version what you're wanting your body to become.

2. It's only getting better. Versioning your body becomes an abstract concept if you draw upon the past in denial of the present.

3. There is nothing later. Your body, which is your primary device for communicating with the entirety of your physical reality, is only found here and now.

4. Make room for versions. As you version new ideas and forms of your body, you'll need to make room for those versions to rise up to meet you.

5. Opening your mind to what is possible. You are likely, and for good reason, narrowing your specific manifesting forms. In doing so, it's helpful to recognize that even within the narrowness of your manifesting, great delight is possible.

6. This is the beginning. Today is the day of your great good and here is the place where it happens. The past has no meaning, and the future is rising up to meet you.

7. This is the end. Today is the day of your great good and here is the place where it happens. Everything you desire is in the end of its beginning and you are now in the presence of it all in perfectly curated ways.

July 15, 2023: Versioning your body.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: July 15, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: Versioning your body. 13:48

Sunday: July 16, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: Versioning your body. 20:03
Question #1: I want to complete my orgasm. 12:41
Question #2: I'm not able to hold onto the resentment for very long. 12:03
Question #3: This relationship is a magnetic draw. 15:40
Question #4: I want my eyesight and skin to improve. 16:13
Question #5: I feel like I'm in mid-process as I write this book. 11:19

Monday: July 17, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: There is nothing later. 21:23
Question #6: These processes from the past are not relevant. 10:12
Question #7: What about the light body? 6:24
Question #8: What about the culture? 13:09
Question #9: I'm going to line up a personal trainer. 24:02

Tuesday: July 18, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: Make room for versions. 13:19
Question #10: What about the seventh sense? 13:58
Question #11: These emotions and their messages. 28:19
Question #12: I'm noticing the ways in which I take personal inventory. 7:04

Wednesday: July 19, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: Opening your mind to what is possible. 21:58
Question #13: What is sex for? 13:00
Question #14: I'm embarrassed about this. 7:36
Question #15: How can I manifest my body while being in it? 16:11
Question #16: I'm looking for clarity around debt. 17:57
Question #17: How much is anxiety connected to hormones? 14:45

Thursday: July 20, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: This is the beginning. 9:47
Question #18: I have a food intolerance that I don't understand. 10:44
Question #19: What about the monsters in the basement? 3:09
Question #20: I want to feel sexy. 11:02
Question #21: I am in love with who I am. 13:22
Question #22: Why do I keep feeling forced to do these things? 9:42

Friday: July 21, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: This is the end. 23:27
Question #23: I want to expand my business but don't see how. 12:05
Question #24: I feel ashamed about what I said last night. 22:45
Question #25: What's happening when you poke me to make me angry? 12:49

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