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Manifesting Wealth Through Freedom

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What's this about?

In this series of 7 daily conversations along with your powerful questions, we invite you to consciously and intentionally use the vibration of freedom while manifesting wealth.

1. Manifesting wealth through freedom. Wealth is a form of abundance and freedom is one of its most powerful vibrational tones.

2. Wealth doesn't bring freedom. You're a vibrational being. The feeling comes first followed by the thoughts and forms.

3. Being loose with it all. Tying yourself around money as being your savior is very constricting. We invite you to loosen up.

4. Knowing wealth. Your abundance is not contingent on anything or any person. You can know your wealth now through freedom.

5. You don't have to wait. Timing is connected to your willingness to let go and allow. Freedom can be a powerful tool in this way.

6. You have it now, not later. Your wealth is real now. Freedom helps you realize this.

7. It's all here and it's all done. Freedom can help you recognize the wealth that is happening right here and right now in the perfection of it all.


June 10, 2023: Manifesting wealth through freedom.

June 10, 2023: What about wealth not bringing freedom?

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: June 10, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: Manifesting wealth through freedom. 23:31
Process #1: Choosing freedom. 7:05
Question #1: What about wealth not bringing freedom? 6:45
Question #2: This isn't what I thought it would be. 8:43
Question #3: I have freedom and then I lose it. 18:38
Question #4: I get to create the rules. 6:27
Question #5: This concept makes me angry. 21:17

Sunday: June 11, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: Wealth doesn't bring freedom. 30:14
Process #2: Following abundance and freedom into their expression of form as cash. 14:05
Question #6: My friend invited me to stay with her. 11:50
Question #7: It's like being five years old. 6:52
Question #8: I don't want the money to run out. 3:23

Monday: June 12, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: Being loose with it all. 23:58
Process #3: Loosening up with a version. 7:12
Question #9: I had a dream about merging that scared me. 8:50
Question #10: I've been feeling very spacey during the day. 20:12
Question #11: I'm sweating after some of these calls. 6:12
Question #12: When I focus on deadlines, does that animate them? 5:15

Tuesday: June 13, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: Knowing wealth. 20:32
Process #4: Versioning into knowing wealth. 7:54
Question #13: Is there such a thing as destiny? 11:37
Question #14: I saw my third version windsurfing. 12:23
Question #15: Why did they sit down inside of me? 3:56
Question #16: Are my versions taking care of things that I don't have to, right? 15:48

Wednesday: June 14, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: You don't have to wait. 26:12
Process #5: Conjuring up a version who is suffuse with freedom. 9:16
Question #17: What about alignment? 6:10
Question #18: My number two version was my inner parent. 8:40
Question #19: We're going on a road trip. 23:57
Question #20: The birds ate my breadcrumbs. 4:10

Thursday: June 15, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: You have it now, not later. 24:35
Process #6: Seeing your world through the eyes of freedom and abundance. 7:39
Question #21: I live here. 14:24
Question #22: I had a wonderful dinner the other night. 12:44
Question #23: My third version was a superhero. 21:15
Question #24: These people are talking about things I don't like. 11:46

Friday: June 16, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: It's all here and it's all done. 29:10
Process #7: Suffuse with freedom and sitting in abundance. 9:38
Question #25: Yesterday's guide was my third-grade self. 14:48
Question #26: I believe I'm free and I'm abundant but I don't see it. 13:45
Question #27: I am free from these other versions. 10:47
Question #28: What about this child imagery? 15:09

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Manifesting Wealth Through Freedom

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