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What's this about?

The body you have and the world you live in are continuously manifesting.

Everything you have in physical terms is manifesting in a feel-better state.

What is manifesting includes:

* Your body and wellbeing
* Your wealth
* Your creative self-expression
* Your beloved
* Your relationships

We invite you to spend 7 days going through these conversations, processes, questions, and answers as we remind you how you got here and how easily you can have more of what you are wanting through intuition manifesting.

1. Intuition manifesting. Intuition is what feels better. Manifesting is what is happening right now.

2. Intuition versioning. Every thought you have is expressed through a version in a feel-better state.

3. Intuition gatekeeping. Your manifesting reality contains only feel-better elements.

4. Perception and manifesting. Your physical reality is perfect in its current state. But you may have opinions about this that say otherwise.

5. Intuition intending. The thought that feels better is your guide to manifesting more of what you're wanting.

6. Intuition allowing. It feels better to allow what you desire to enter into a physical state.

7. Intuition having. Take a deep breath and look around and see the perfection of what is and how it's always getting better and better from here.


May 13, 2023: Intuition manifesting.

May 13, 2023: I want to understand intuition.

May 13, 2023: That was disconcerting.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: May 13, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #1: Intuition manifesting. 22:55
Process #1: Seeing your manifesting from the outside. 10:31
Question #1: I want to understand intuition. 7:47
Question #2: That was disconcerting. 22:58

Sunday: May 14, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #2: Intuition versioning. 30:34
Process #2: Versioning the feeling of your manifesting idea. 6:51
Question #3: I giggled in that process. 3:01
Question #4: Can you talk about the monsters in the basement? 9:22
Question #5: I don't want to be thinking about food as much as I do. 18:23

Monday: May 15, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #3: Intuition gatekeeping. 21:49
Process #3: Seeing the perfection of your reality. 4:58
Question #6: What about this kind of affirmation? 9:05
Question #7: The perfection of this room. 13:08
Question #8: I'm tired of thinking. 7:16

Tuesday: May 16, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #4: Perception and manifesting. 28:08
Process #4: Meeting your opinions as versions. 10:43
Question #9: I liked that party. 9:01
Question #10: It took me a while to get into this. 14:36
Question #11: I met the monsters in the basement at a parent-teacher conference. 5:26

Wednesday: May 17, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #5: Intuition intending. 25:44
Process #5: Visiting your art project room. 11:30
Question #12: I don't really feel my wealth. 12:13
Question #13: My version said to just play. 6:35

Thursday: May 18, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #6: Intuition allowing. 20:10

Friday: May 19, 2023

Description Length
Conversation #7: Intuition having. 19:35
Process #6: How what is becomes what is wanted. 9:08
Question #14: Are you saying that all I have to do is what feels better? 19:36
Question #15: My blessed singlehood begets my blessed couplehood. 5:58
Question #16: It's a joyride and I can take it with me. 11:41
Question #17: I saw a closet full of beautiful clothes. 15:15

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Intuition Manifesting

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