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What's this about?

Unreasonable is the name of the game when it comes to intentional manifesting.

It is likely the case that, for a while now, you have tried to be quite reasonable when it comes to your intentional manifesting.

It is also likely the case that your reasonableness has yielded nothing that you actually wanted.

Whatever you are wanting to intentionally manifest is available for you to have.

And the having is immediate...

Which is unreasonable.

And the having is freedom-filled without need for specific action...

Also highly unreasonable.

And the having feels better before anything actually happening...

Probably the most unreasonable thing of them all!

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to loosen things up and let yourself be unreasonable when it comes to what you desire but also with what you're willing to have and allow right now.

The only place where all this reasonability is coming from is within you (even though it may seem to come from other people and their well-meaning good intentions).

And, while your reasonable reasons for why you need to do this one thing or wait for that one event or condition are highly reasonable, they likely do not feel better.

And that's the big clue as to their usefulness.

We look forward to diving into this deep pool of immediacy, freedom, and what feels better not because it fixes anything (a highly reasonable approach) but because freedom right now is what actually does indeed feel better.


December 10, 2022: Unreasonable manifesting.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: December 10, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #1: Unreasonable manifesting. 25:01
Question #1: I reject the premise of this series. 7:24
Question #2: These numbers miraculously came into alignment. 8:03
Question #3: What is the difference between magick and magic? 8:58
Question #4: I'm in a snit about going on this trip. 11:06

Sunday: December 11, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #2: Unreasonability, sufficiency, and plentitude. 32:41
Question #5: Is this drowsy state helpful? 7:35
Question #6: Is my reality like a toy that follows my lead through light-touch directing? 2:46
Question #7: I was thinking about buying a new car. 7:05
Question #8: My increased awareness of cultural assumptions. 14:21

Monday: December 12, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #3: More about manifesting. 26:50
Question #9: Is there the possibility of having no big deal topics at all and going totally default? 16:34
Question #10: How can I have more awareness of how all is well? 4:16
Question #11: If I could just accept myself. 9:56

Tuesday: December 13, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #4: More about the unreasonability. 21:44
Question #12: What does this dream mean? 8:37
Question #13: There is no how. 5:07
Question #14: What is an art project? 5:10
Question #15: I love the smell of my new car. 7:49
Question #16: I want others to have what I want to have. 13:17

Wednesday: December 14, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #5: Manifesting has nothing to do with reason. 37:00
Question #17: I see a slot machine paying out forever. 11:52
Question #18: I seem to shed weight when I travel. 4:26

Thursday: December 15, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #6: Allowing is the most unreasonable thing of them all. 25:37
Question #19: I heard these awful stories. 10:39
Question #20: I was having an argument in my head. 13:50
Question #21: I have a vague idea this might be helpful. 2:31
Question #22: How my daughter is living her life is bothering me. 13:46

Friday: December 16, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #7: The power of intuition. 19:48
Question #23: My friends are back to traveling and I wish I was doing that. 20:57
Question #24: Should I be more methodical? 7:39
Question #25: I can't figure out what feels better. 9:05
Question #26: I manifested what I wanted. 5:50

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